ProCharger 1994-2006 HO Intercooled Tuner Kit Touring (Carb)



ProCharger now has systems available for stock and modified 2010 Touring bikes equipped with the Twin Cam® 96, 103 and 110+ cubic inch engines. With 6 to 10 psi of intercooled boost, owners can expect to see gains of 40 to 80 hp while still maintaining everyday rideability and comfort. HO Intercooled Systems come complete with the selfcontained supercharger, intercooler, all necessary tubing, by-pass valve, fuel injectors and engine tuning module. 
An HO Intercooled Tuner Kit is available for use on custom, larger-displacement “stroker” engines (110+ cu. in.). 
Tuner Kits will require upgraded fuel injectors, an appropriate tuning module and a custom tune.
A ProCharger V-Twin supercharger system can be installed and tuned in a single day. 100% Complete Systems are Available Now!
Bolt on 40+ Horsepower on Stock Engines
Bolt on 80+ Horsepower on Modified Engines
Everyday reliability and rideability
Systems are 100% Complete
Does Not Affect Exhaust Sound
Patented and Proven Technology
Self-contained supercharger design
Highly-Effective Intercooler System
Award-winning Technology and Design
Designed and Manufactured in the USA
HP Gain:40%+
Intercooler Option: Side
*Will fit Evo bikes but may need intercooler bracket mods
**Carb and Fuel system components not included
Stock or Modified Engines
ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger Systems for the Twin Cam engines work equally well on stock or modified engine combinations, with typical power gains of 50-75+%, depending on boost level desired. All ProCharger V-Twin systems feature the powerful and efficient B-1 ProCharger supercharger unit. This rugged supercharger is completely self-contained: no need for any external oil lines or reservoir.
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