2013-12 Boss 302 ProCharger Intercooled Cog Race Kit with F-1C or F-1R


ProCharged 2012 BOSS

The 2012 Boss boasts a respectable 444 HP / 380 lb. ft. of torque in its stock form.  In the interest of pushing the envelope and testing the capabilities of Ford’s roadrunner power plant, Evolution selected the tried and true ProCharger F-1C to get this pony up and running.  The F-1C, rated at 1,225 max HP, was more than enough blower to easily put this 5.0L to the test.  What happened next, well let’s just say it is not easily described without the use of multiple adjectives.

In the initial configuration, this ProCharged 2012 BOSS laid down 731 RWHP / 577 lb. ft. of torque at 13.8 PSI of intercooled boost!  Changing the pulley size translated into a phenomenal 834 HP / 674 lb. ft. to the ground on 16.5lbs of boost!   The only modifications were exhaust and a custom tune.  Up against the limitations of the stock fuel system, Evolution decided to call it good.  Since the 5.0 Mustang article, Evolution upgraded the stock engine components and put down a ground pounding 1029 RWHP on 23 lbs. of boost!

A6) System ships in extra large box
A9) Mustang ATI Balancer #918047 required for 12-Rib and Cog

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