2014-11 Challenger R/T (5.7) ProCharger HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1


For months on end we have fielded phone calls, emails, facebook messages, all asking (begging) us to start shipping 5.7L HEMI ProCharger systems for cars and trucks, up to 2014. Well, we answered all those messages, and are letting you know the wait is finally over! These model year updates are all based on the rock solid system designs that have already been shipping for years, racking up countless miles on earlier 5.7L’s. From the head unit to the intercooler, down to the simple details such as the quality of powder coated products, these systems deliver the performance, quality and reliability you have grown to count on with a ProCharger supercharger system.

And now for the awesome HEMI 5.7L in the Dodge cars, we have you covered as well. Just as Dodge has put a few extra tweaks on these 5.7L cars to get a few extra HP out of them, ProCharger has done the same with our systems. Raising the bar to over 130+ HP gains with our 7 psi intercooled systems on pump gas. With gains like that, its simple to see why some of the 392 (6.4L) cars will have something to worry about, next time they are lined up next to a ProCharged 5.7L HEMI car.

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